Intro - Instrumental




lyrics by Radim Ondra


Every evening when the sun is dying

and the Lord of night shines trough the sky

Something strange awaits me as I am lying

The sight´s getting darker, nowhere to hide


Every night it´s always the same

Visions of the future are going their own way

No one can save you from this cruel game

Did you wake up? You´ve won just next day


Chorus: I´ve got a fear of dream

Fear of this beast

Coming trough unconsiousness stream

Along the hidden midnight street


The senseless end of this ghostly story

won´t allow you to open eyes

It´s just a dream so don´t be worried

It´s just a dream no space for lies




LOST LIFE (5:23)

lyrics by Ondra Zbránek


I live in house for dying people

Next door stands old theatre

Which is closed

for too much long

as a time as I am alone

Beating the time by toutching memories

Reading forgotten script

Wrinkled face

Ripped curtain

No mark seen in the dirty crypt


I am the man

who´s never spoken a word,

who´s never breathed fresh air

I´m dust on old red chair

I am the man

who´s never seen the play,

who´s never tried to get there

I´m just running away


Chorus: No more play

I lost my way

to change my fate

which´s fucking grave

I can hope

But in blame

Only cry



Life has gone out of this place

Ghosts of past cover me

I am too old

My life is done

What can I do to stay alive

Looking trough the window every hour

Once a man now zombie

Woken up all night

She is my bride

I am almost resting in grave




No melody there in orchestra

Dark corners occupied by spiders

Just once say goodbye

to the old man and his pain

For the last time switch on the lights

For the last time give me a chance

Stuck up cruel fate for the last time

Stuck up cruel fate give me the chance


I didn´t do enything to feel better

Never did a right step

Didn´t feel love

Didn¡t feel hate

Expecting nothing waiting for death


Never hit me a storm

I lose my life

I lose my soul

Fate is a joker and I am a worm

Worm without privilage to existence

Better to smash me when

I was in womb

The fucked tomb

or kill me when I was in there

From the cradle to grave everything is blacked

Mountains of fear and shame

Lost life I have

Lost life I take

Six feet under is where I´ll stay


NO GUN = NO FUN (5:54)

lyrics by Ondra Zbránek


I´ve got a new image fuckers, people call me maniac

I´ve bought a new toy to play what can make a real big wreck

There´s no disease in my head or in my clever brain

Expecting nor a sympathy nor a fame

I´m not doing beauty things, just what must be done

Not for higher principes but for fun

It seems to be a harder way, not to feel the hate

Sorry for these injures but it´s just too great

There is no difference between a businessman or nun

It is very powerful to use a released gun

I´ve found my dream real


Chorus: Bullets leave barrel loud

 Flare up gun fire

Beware I may shoot in head

He, who plays doesn´t do bad

Shooting down suddenly

Looking so friendly

Gun makes me feel free


I´ve got the same image fuckers, they still call me maniack

Reloading that toy to play which can make a real big wreck

Aiming at targets all around I don´t need the light

Everybody who wants to run can, but cannot hide

I can be on the roof or on the other side

You are so good people, try to stay alive

My hands are controlled by extreme experience

It´s not strange if you feel, you will need defence

You are lucky when I stop my super exibition

Nothingness is symptomatic you didn´t live in fiction

Pain, pain




Bullets strike air next to head

You should have better stayed in bed

Behind the belt feel weight is nice

Sensation of the power, the glory ride





lyrics by Radim Ondra


I´ve never reached the top of my shadow

But tommorow I´ll reach my end

Now just a sadness grows inside me

To hell or heaven I´ll be sent

I´ve got only one more wish

Just to see tommorows sunrise

Sooner than the angel´s wings

will forever cover my eyes


Chorus: No quarrel with the fate

 Not to blame or to hate

Just to see my last sunrise

No sadness or even tears

No worries or even fears

Just to see my last sunrise

Then go away in peace


It has always been my fight

Fight for freedom and fame

I just wanted to get higher

But it´s always been the same

No one will wait me any longer

Only on the other side

No one will wait me any longer

Only on the other side





lyrics by Radim Ondra


So here comes the night

The time of lonelyness and fear

My eyes has fallen into darkness

It´s mystic might is near

I am a victim of my memories

Silent enemies

Hidden in my mind

They´re about to pursue me and catch

to create this awful

To create this awful nightmare


I see something walking through me

and whispering these dreadful words

"I´m gonna catch you and you´ll

  never come back to your home"


Chorus: I am a stranger in the midnight street

Fighting agains this half-day beast

Hoping to find salvation

Living my dream of fear


Counting my steps

to a safer place

Mind´s getting clearer,

no doubt about it

I start to hear voice

from haze


I wish I´d never fallen asleep

cause on ´n´ on I hear this prophet

Wanting to find its sense

That´s not coming from deep

as I´m running through the land of nowhere


Counting my steps

to a safer place

Mind´s getting clearer,

no doubt about it

I start to hear voice

from haze


Eternal voices, the shadows of my past

are waking up to kill my sanity

No one remains here, I am the last

Surrounded to show my quality

I´m shaking like a rotting tree

Which has got mad from the endless pains

and wish just to be free

(get rid of this chain)





lyrics by Ondra Zbránek


Closing eyes

You´ve got enough time (to)




You are a chump

Wasting own life

Killing your chance

to be number one


Escape every-day stereotype

Hide before outside world

Find a place where you can try

be yourself without a fuckin´ shame

Where is no duty and cold rain

The key is in your mind

It´s not overcrowded by stuff

Nobody produces any row

Go trough intellectual growth

No intolerance and violence

No terrorising fuckin´ fools

You can make your own rules


Escape from boring reality

Hide behind the mirror of life

Never lost in city´s hive

You´ll have no suckin´ depression

Live by edifying emotions

Never-ending free ride

Opened door to subconscious

Bridge across the stream of thought

Access free, go inside

Look forward to vacation

Pleasure park for all

Access free in everyone


Illusion square

What´s going on in there


Imaging, challenging


Absence of all your pain

Pleasure runs trough your veins



lyrics by Ondra Zbránek


"Come near my dear child

 Don´t be afraid of my empty rooms

 I am a wizard of imagination

 from the cellar to the roof"


Step by step

to the front door

Grasp by fingers

the handle of gold

Step by step

to the main hall

Take a deep look

Prayer to the Lord


Open your mind

Let fantasy do 

a new king of sight

to the lacquered wood


Evoking, punishing, feelings of what?

Smouldering, diffesing, feelings of terror


Step by step

to the second floor

Grasp by fingers

the handrail of gold

Step by step

to the bedroom´s door

What is in the corner

Prayer to the Lord


The old ruined tomb

Where lives only doom

Forsaken by smile

In a wondering while

come little young friend

to pay a hight rent

Cost of his sanity

Stolen by atrocity


"Oh no I lost him"


The little young kid returned back home

The others were frightened

"What lives in the old house?

 What is its curse?"


What is hidden

in the old house

No one can say

that his truth is right

There lives just doom

and dreadful terror

May be on the roof

or in the cellar


"Come near another brave child

 Don´t be afraid of my empty rooms

 I am the wizard of imagination

 who´ll take your sanity soon!"


The old black house

where lives just one mouse

Forsaken by smile

In a wondering while

come little young friend

to pay a cheap rent

Cost of a only few nerves

stolen by mouse upstairs